Ring Care + Cleaning

Your special new ring will need to be protected, and handled with care, in order to preserve its beauty. It’s important to be mindful that while durable enough for daily wear, it is still a piece of fine jewellery and should be treated as such. It is NOT indestructible. With daily wear, the stones and setting will collect dirt, dust, skin oil etc which can effect the way light interacts with the stones. In order for it to hold its brilliance, there are a few essential activities to avoid while wearing it:
- showering, washing your hands, doing dishes, cleaning with harsh chemicals
- swimming (in both chlorinated or salt water) 
- applying hand sanitizer, lotion or other cream products
- exercising (handling tools or heavy equipment) or gardening
Having a ring dish in rooms throughout your home where these activities take place can serve as a helpful visual reminder to remove your ring and also a way to keep it safe while it’s not being worn. To prevent scratches while not being worn, store your ring separately from other jewellery items.
We recommend cleaning your ring monthly, with warm water and gentle soap (Dawn is our favourite). Combine the two ingredients in a bowl. Let your ring soak in the bowl for 20-30 minutes. Using a soft bristle toothbrush, gently scrub between each setting and don’t forget the underside of the settings where dirt builds up! Rinse (in the bowl) and repeat until your desired lustre is achieved. We don’t recommend doing this in/near your sink, because we've learned the hard way that it can easily slip out of your hands and down the drain. 
Please avoid cleaning your ring with store bought jewellery cleaner. These chemicals are often too harsh and abrasive and while they may appear to work well, can erode the metal and alter the colour of the stones over time (same thing applies for home cleaning with harsh chemicals). 
Lastly, we recommend having the stone settings checked annually by a jewellery professional. With daily wear, the metal prongs holding each stone in place can shift ever so slightly or wear down over time. They may need to be tightened or retipped in order to prevent stone loss. 
Please feel free to reach out to hello@jessicastuartjewelry.com if you have any further questions or to set up a complimentary cleaning on your JS piece.